The website: http://www.6amhoover.com (2001+) served and continues to serve as a basis for contact and the dissemination of my practice into a broader context.
6amhoover has been an invaluable marker for my research enabling interested parties globally to have an insight into my practice and research interests. For the last 3+ years various correspondents have been in contact with me via girl@6amhoover.com, their comments have been insightful, supportive, inspiring, rewarding and most valuably instigated some lasting virtual collaborations and the development of a broader peer group. What follows below is a sample snap shot of the different interfaces 6amhoover has used over the years.
January 2001 * Inaugural interface, designed November 2000, launched January 2001.
December 2001 Angel Interceptor posted online.
February 2002 The Bloody Chamber version1 posted online.
May 2002 The Bloody Chamber posted online.
October 2003 Deviant Sketch posted online.
February 2004
March 2004 - present.