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List of artists featured in the contextual practice review
Art Hybrid Programmatic Design

Amerika, Mark
Andrews, Jim
Biggs, Simon
Bookchin, Natalie
Cosic, Vuk
Desperate Optimists
Digital Sisters Indeed
Fisher, Caitlin
Heavy Industries
Highland, August
Kilma, John
Lialina, Olia
Loyer, Eric
Slattery, Diana
The Ed Report
The Remedi Project
Thomson Craighead
Tosic, Nikola
Zellen, Jody

Alt Sense
Evil Pupil
Future Farmers
Hoogerbrugge, Han
Life of Pi
The Killer

Brown, Daniel
Digit London
Flight 404
Jevbratt, Lisa
Levin, Golan
Tindall, James
The Third Place

Abnormal Behaviour Child
Codex Series
Milky Elephant
The Rafters
Van Meter, Trevor
Please note: the immediately above were "screen grabbed" during Spring/Summer 2002 and again in Summer 2004.
Original practice by the candidate:
Angel Interceptor * 8 week (part-time production) project completed March 2001.
The Bloody Chamber * 13 week project completed May 2002.
Deviant: The Possession of Christian Shaw 32 week project completed Jan 2004.
* Denotes artwork previously published on