Mixed Method Methodology
I have used a mixed method approach, combining in a triangulated manner:
(1) A short historical literary appraisal.
(2) A contemporary review of practice.
Both of which illustrate the context of screen / Internet based digital visual art practice; from these reviews I established the field of study. From this contextual base I devised the research questions, which are answered primarily by the practice (3), this critical practice makes up the third point to the triangle. The practical element is further supported by external critical reviews from expert readers
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Note on the epistemology:
The epistemological base for this research is evidenced within my footnotes, references, citation of other practioners work and the knowledge gained by engaging in the practice of producing responsive narratives. This spectrum of epistemes befits the multivalent nature of the field of study. It is also appropriate that these points of reference are situated as links away from the practice - thus requiring the reader explore and engage in this supporting vein - if their interest is piqued, this functions in a similar manner as the presented practice.
Details of peer-to-peer dialogue in the form of exhibitions, publications etc.
All exhibits, visits, published writing, lecturers given and media appearances relevant to the subject of the research are listed. Those, which exclusively concern the Ph.D research, are marked *.
Exhibitions of 6amhoover including Deviant: The Possession of Christian Shaw [Preview]
Oct - Nov 2004* Installation / exhibition of online artworks at The Lighthouse, 70 Mitchell Street, Glasgow, UK.
Sept 2004 The Scottish Show supported by The Lighthouse & the Scottish Executive, DesignersBlock , New Oxford Street London.
Apr 2004 The Scottish Show supported by The Lighthouse & the Scottish Executive, Studio Zeta, Via Friuli, Milan.
Exhibitions of The Bloody Chamber
May 2003* PlayEngines: streaming worlds, Digital Arts & Culture conference 2003, Melbourne, Australia.
May 2003 Finalist in the Barcelona Online Flash Film Festival: Interactive Section.
Apr - May 2003 Boston Cybertarts Festival: Video Edit of The Bloody Chamber, M.I.T Media wall, Boston MA, USA.
Sep 2002 Re-Animate Web Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, EU.
Apr - May 2002* Glasgow Art Fair - CCA: Hypnogogia: Two Waking Dreams Interactive Art by Crankbunny & 6amhoover. Music by Stuart Braithwaite and John Cummings of Mogwai, UK.
Exhibitions of Angel Interceptor
Oct 2001 Meta Metier - UKINNY, Parsons New School, New York, USA.
Apr - May 2001* Boston Cybertarts Low Bandwidth Festival, Boston MA, USA.
Exhibitions of 6amhoover
Nov 2003 Little Red Riding Hood Exposition with musicians Funkstorung, by STOF, Deventer, Holland.
Jun - Sept 2002 Web Racket, DeCordova Museum Boston, USA.
Feb 2002 TechnoPoetry Festival - Georgia Tech, USA.
Nov 2001 Net.art exhibition, Irish Museum of Modern Art, by Arthur X. Doyle (spoof) http://www.irishmuseumofmodernart.com
General Research Visits / Conferences Attended etc.
Oct 2004* Deviant preview and previous works featured in: Textual Play: Women's Work in Literary Hypermedia, presented by Stephanie Strickland, Cynthia Lawson and Margie Luesebrink, virtual collaboration by 6amhoover. Society for Literature & Science Annual Meeting, Duke University, NC, USA.
Aug 2003 Invited chair of the readings session at the ACM Hypertext 03 Conference, curated artists: Prof. Simon Biggs, Talan Memmott, John Cayley and Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Nottingham, UK.
Jan 2003* The Scottish History Conference -- The Survey of Scottish Witchcraft, 1563-1736, University of Edinburgh, UK, Available in electronic format: http://www.arts.ed.ac.uk/scothist/witchconf/index.html
Nov 2002* RE: MOTE Symposium, Fruitmarket Gallery, New Media Scotland, Edinburgh, UK.
Oct 2002 Madrettor.org (offline) Internet and digital art conference, Rotterdam, EU.
Dec 2001 Network: New media conference, CCA Gallery, Glasgow, UK.
Nov 2001* The Flash Forward conference, available in electronic format see: http://www.flashforward2004.com Amsterdam, EU.
Apr 2001* The Digital Arts and Culture Conference, Brown University, Rhode Island, USA.
Apr 2001* Speaker at the: CADE Postgraduate forum. Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK.
Jan 2001* Speaker at the: Hypertext, Narrative, Flash, Time, seminar see: http://www.enarrative.org/3/
Boston MA, USA.
May 2003* The Bloody Chamber (interactive) streaming media section winner of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image PlayEngines Exhibition Prize and acquisition to the public programs permanent collection.
See http://www.acmi.net.au
2003* Alt-W Production Grant, see http://www.alt-w.org
2002* New Project Bursary - CCA for Hypnogogia, Scottish Arts Council.
Published Writing
May 2004 On The Horizon (International Journal) - ISSN: 1074-8121, available online and offline, see: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/oth.htm
Special Issue on Games, Simulations and Interactive Media in Learning Contexts.
Paper title: Visual Literacy and Learning: Finding some online territories for the slow learner.
Artworks featured in:
2001- pres Design Week, The Herald, Create Online, Computer Arts, The Scotsman, The Guardian, Desktop Magazine (AUS).
Sept 2003* Featured artist on Tekka, see: http://www.tekka.net (Volume 1 no.3).
Mar 2001* Interviewed for Histories of Internet Art: Fictions & Factions. See: http://art.colorado.edu/hiaff/home.htm
2001 Online interview and showcase in www.freshfroot.com (now offline).
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